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Imagen de Cell VJ
Approval level: 97%
Updated : 2009-12-10
Downloads this week: 20.128
Times recommended: 1
Category: Multimedia
SubCategory: Video Editing Tools
Type: Shareware
Size: 81.878kb.
Language: Program in English or Multilanguage   

"Type of DJ program that mixes videos and can edit them with numerous special effects."

Each time you hear talk of a software to do mixes, you automatically think of DJ programs, but not all mixers focus on audio, as some people don't want to be a Disk Jockey but a Video Jockey. That means mixing video not audio, and this is the case with this program here, called Cell VJ. As you will have already worked out, Cell VJ is dedicated to mixing, but in this case mixing videos not audio.

To do these video mixes spectacularly, this Cell VJ has numerous options, similar in many cases to those used by DJs, like MIDI controls, playbacks, speed adjustments, effects, loops, etc.

For those less experienced, don;t worry, because Cell VJ includes various videoclips already mixed. It is a program that will delight lighting technicians, or video presentation editors.

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